Memory is plastic. It is ever-changing, shifting, and dissolving into something new. In my work, I explore memory of found objects, used materials, and myself. My materials possess a transient nature, including plastic tarp, translucent paper, fabric, newspaper, and wax. In addition to silkscreen, I take direct prints of found objects and textures through the collagraph or cyanotype processes, capturing traces of an un-monumental history. As I react to personal experiences and everyday findings, my work doubles as a way to engage with my environment and culture to make sense of what I see and do not see, and what I remember, and do not remember.

       I view time and relationships around me by balancing my own role to act, with the role of nature, works of God, destiny. In a similar manner, I insert my own hand of obscuring, manipulating, and staging that create moments of tension, while simultaneously stepping aside to let gravity and natural forces perform. Natural and artificial do not exist separately, but live dependently on one another.  

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